changing pages

Top arrows

Click on the first arrow button to go to the first page of the issue; click on the last arrow button to go to the last page of the issue. Click on the left or right middle arrows to turn pages forward or backward.

Side arrows

Hover the mouse over the edge of a page in the middle. An arrow will appear. Click this arrow to advance forward or backward.

Arrow keys

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to page forward or backward.

Jump to page

Select a page number from the dropdown list to jump to a particular page.

Table of contents

Go to the in this issue tab and select Contents; then select the article title to jump directly to that specific page.

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changing sizes and views

Click to zoom

Click the plus or minus magnifying glass icons in the Navigation Bar to zoom in or out. From the magazine page click directly on the page to zoom in and then click again to zoom out.

Zoom selector

Select the zoom plus or minus magnifying glass, then drag the zoom level bar to the right to enlarge the page size or to the left to decrease the page size. This action will maintain the selected size for the entire issue as well as back and future issues.

Pages button

Click on the page button to toggle between two page mode and one page mode

Fullscreen mode

Select either the zoom plus or minus magnifying glass to display the Zoom Level Bar. Click on Fullscreen; click again to return to the normal view.

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using features


Offline Mode

Creating an offline copy allows you to read your digital edition while you’re on the go. While reading in offline mode you can continue browsing, searching and enjoying your digital edition as if you were still connected to the Internet.


Select the appropriate radio button to print one page, an entire issue or a range of pages.

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Digital support

If you need assistance with coverleaf or a particular publication, please contact us by clicking digital support. You will be taken to the digital support form.

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